Client Testimonials

Been going to this Hospital for over thirty years with all my past and current dogs. Friendly and Professional staff as well as Doctors. Always caring about your pet as well as your feelings when decisions get tough. I do not go anywhere else.  — Bill S.

I love the doctor’s and staff .they take care of Rosie and Jasmine’s every needs. I recommend them to all my friends and family.  — Teresa O.

The only negative was the wait. Everyone was super nice and when leaving felt like my pet had received good service.  — Anaonymous

As always, it is too expensive to get medical care for dogs and cats. Insurance doesn’t help because you have to pay out of pocket for reimbursement later. CareCredit won’t give credit to retired or social security recipients so it is almost impossible to get assistance outside of friends, family, friends of family etc. Sitting in the room while your pet is in need and having to call everyone and their brother in an effort to find someone with money available to loan is more stressful than the reason the pet is in the hospital to begin with. Something needs to be done about the amount of money charged for services by all vets!  — Amy P.

I’m very happy with my experience at South Sac Pet Hospital. I have definitely found a new veterinarian.  — Tony and Stephanie M.

I didn’t want to bring Miwok to South Sacramento Pet Hospital but ended up having no choice. I have been completely turned around! It was the best experience ever! SSPH is now my number one Veterinary!!! Thank you for a great experience!  — Autumn B.

All in all they are a good vet but I live in Oroville and is a little to far from me to drive anytime I need to take my animal to the vet.  — Amand G.

This is my first puppy that I’m fully responsible for. The staff is always so helpful even when I call with random questions. Everyone there treats my puppy with love. The staff is very knowledgeable.  — Kalila H.

All the technicians were very professional and friendly. Dr. Sandeep Chahal was just the best. He made sure our dog and I were comfortable. He initially shook hands with me with direct eye contact. A true professional. Through-out our visit he explained everything, making sure I understood. He showed me the x-rays explaining the diagnoses thoroughly. Very Impressed!  — Linda M.

It was a great experience, my puppy love this place  — Diljik K.

Very friendly staff, short wait time. Everyone was helpful and I felt welcomed. I would strongly recommend this pet hospital.  — Anonymous

Your care for Kitka was excellent. Dr. Kamboj went above and beyond when he had to do surgery on my girl and look forward to many years with her.  — Chris Yocum

The hospital is wonderful all around!! Front staff girls are always so nice and helpful. Thank you all for the great service!  — Tabby

In March 1967 we started going to this vet. Names and people may have changed, but the service has remained the best. Thank you to all the people that have always helped to keep my pet in the best of health, and on a couple of occasions, kept my pet alive. Merry Christmas to all.  — Kathy W.

My daughter and I have been taking our pets to this clinic for over 20 years. It may have changed ownership since we began our visits, and it may have changed it’s looks – inside and out – but there is no other place I trust to handle some of the more delicate, sometimes terminal, and even the routine annual care we have had to seek for our pets. We used to do a lot of pet rescue and our “charges” would always get checked out here with our trust and appreciation for their true compassion toward their patients. Dr. Samaan is the greatest and has our full trust and belief. He earned it.  — Johnson & Johnson

Super helpful, informative, clean, friendly, and affordable. Thank you so much. I’m going to make this my regular vet.  — Misty

Kristina Maynez Sat, 26 Feb 2011 16:49:56 GMT +0

My dog was hit by a car and we had to rush him to the Vet. It was a very emotional experience, and the staff and Vet that treated my dog were very helpful and didn’t hesitate to help him. Our finances weren’t prepared for the cost but they did an awesome job, which I’m very grateful for. I would recommend this hospital to my for your vet needs. Thank You Dr. Kamboj and all your staff, you have been great to Panda and to us. Thank You.  — The Maynez family

Dr Kamboj and staff are first rate. Our family has been bringing our pets to So Sac Pet for over 30 years. the new facility is great too. You guys have treated our pets with the utmost care and respect. We appreciate all you have done for us and our pet family. Thank you again.  — Marianne C.

The staff were so understanding and compassionate when I came in with the tough decision I had to make of putting my beloved tom-tom down. He was a grey tabby who was just months away from his 15th birthday. ='( The doctors and staff were very nice, and I will never forget the treatment I recieved that day. Thank you very much!  — Jen

Great experience. Nice facility and knowledgeable vet.  — Susan