Regular grooming is an important step in keeping your companion looking great and feeling good. There’s no one who knows your pet better than you, so we take care in listening to and following your instructions. We believe in the medical aspects of grooming as well as the aesthetics. That is why pedicures, anal glands, ear cleanings, are all a part of their visit with us at the spa.

Our groomers are available Monday thru Saturday for short hair baths. We do require that your companions are current on their vaccines. If vaccines are needed we would be happy to update them for you.

When pets look great, they generally feel great—and so do their proud pet parents. At South Sacramento Pet Hospital, we completely understand this feeling of pride, and offer comprehensive grooming services that can make any pet look fantastic.

Our experienced groomers are skilled at grooming all breeds, sizes and shapes. They are extremely gentle with every pet, and meticulous in attending to every last detail of your pet’s appearance.